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Version 2.0.0.a4


Score is an interactive sequencer for intermedia authoring. It allows to create flexible and interactive scenarios and is especially designed for live performance, art installations, museography or any context requiring a precise and interactive execution of timed events.

Score brings timeline-based precise automation authoring as offerd in modern DAWs as well as flexible and interactive event triggering as offered in cue-based software in a unified environment. These two paradigms can be combined and used in parallel or hierarchically in Score's scenario, which provides a high level of control and of openness, as is required by today’s creation.

Score scenario

Table of content

This documentation will guide you through Score's workflow and advanced features.

First steps

This section offers a general presentation of Score main concepts and workflow. It aims at guiding through the authoring of scenarios in Score.


Time approach in Score

Meet the Score interface

Writing your first scenario

In depth

This section offers advanced documentation on the various features offered in Score.


Automation Process
Interpolation Process
Mapping Process
Loop Process
Scenario Process

How tos ?

This section provides short technical highlights on different operations in Score application


Setup an OSC device
Manually declare a namespace
Use the learn function


Update stored state

Further documentation

Some informations may be missing from the documentation as new features get implemented in Score. Further assitance can be obtained from the Ossia forum or by joining Score's Gitter chat room